Have you ever wonder how to get your paragraph in the centre of the image?  Just as this paragraph and image. Getting those perfect layouts can be tricky but luckily this is a simple issue to fix. You can of course use padding or margin but you will have to adjust it on every screen size which can become very time-consuming. Scroll down to see step-by-step instructions to getting your column, paragraph to display like this example.

Step 1

Click on the row settings as indicated on the below-left image. The row settings box should appear as indicated on the below-right image. You should see three tabs: Content, Design, and Advanced. Click on the Designs tab (marked in red on the below-right image) in this tab open the sizing toggle by clicking on the arrow on the right. You should see the heading saying “Equalize Column Height” and slide the slider over the no so that the yes appears (marked in red on the image on the right).

Step 2

The next step is clicking on the Content tab as marked in red on the below-left image. You will see Column Structure and below that the two column. Click on the send column setting (as marked below-right image). Once you have clicked on the setting the Column Setting box should pop-up and. The click on the advanced tab and in the main element and the css code margin: auto;

You should now have the above layout. if you would like to find how this works you can always look into the CSS Flexbox.